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a fight, when he ticked off presidents of both parties, not fair, not right. not here. >> dana: hello, everyone. i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: benghazi hearings finally got underway on capitol hill today. the purpose to find out what the white house and others in the administration knew about the attack, why the video was blamed and why repeated requests for more security were seemingly ignored. former c.i.a. director david petraeus will testify tomorrow in two closed door hearings. it was announced today that secretary of state hillary clinton will testify in mid-december. chairman of the house foreign affairs committee spoke today about the frustration over the conflicting information. >> every time we have another
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classified briefing and every time we try to pry deeper we get conflicting reports about what was taking place. and what messages were being sent to washington. what did the administration know, and we have got to do something to make sure that our personnel in harm's way including diplomat, they are on the front line, that the diplomatic posts are protected and that they have the security that they need. >> dana: all right. so a lot to get to tonight, because there are more reports tonight from the "wall street journal" that updated the story earlier, eric, that said general david petraeus in the final days before he was leaving that there is a lot of conflict and it was over the benghazi issue because he wanted to put out a c.i.a. timeline to put the c.i.a. in a favorable light. his boss, jim clapper, director of national intelligence, there was conflict there. we know what happened which is revealed that david petraeus, he admitted he had an exmarital affair. he resigned from the c.i.a.
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but he is going to testify anyway. that is new. >> eric: he is going to testify. but catherine herridge reported a short time ago that clapper and michael morrell the acting c.i.a. director would about tell them, wouldn't tell anyone who instructed susan rice to go with the video story. the way it went down, she was told to go out there to talk to five talk shows and there were talking points. who prepared the talking points and told them to go with the talking point? neither one of them would come clean on. >> dana: they have plausible deniability. they said we don't know who did it. that feels convenient. >> bob: president said the white house asked her to do it. >> dana: who prepared the information, that is the question. >> bob: the question is who
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gave her the talking points? and we know talking points she was given to her mind, given the same intelligence committees of the hill, >> dana: they could not talk about the role of ansar al-sharia when there is strong evidence of the involvement. if the chairwoman was getting advice about the question to ask, the question you have been asking since september 11. >> greg: incredible. do you think hillary got herself far enough away from this thing? she is in australia. feed her wine and we might get more facts from her slightly tipsy than anybody else. my fear about this thing is that after confusing event like this, if you don't get the true facts, you almost never do. we are still talking about the
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j.f.k. assassination because of the warren commission. if we don't get clarity, we will get the history and truth from a half-baked hbo tv show. in which susan rice is the hero played by halle berry and it will make no sense. >> dana: what must it be like to be david petraeus tonight know leg has gone from a major hero in history. it doesn't take away from his accomplishments what he achieved and what happened with the extra marital affair. he goes to congress as a civilian, first time he has done that. he will tell them what he knows and i'm sure he will be truthful about it. what is that going to be like? it's closed door so we won't see him. >> andrea: he's a very how longest man -- honest man and so some are speculating that white house didn't want him to testify because he is a good man. the question remains, besides who pushed the video, why did
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general petraeus change his story? reports from the c.i.a. officer on the ground after the attack said it was a terrorist attack. when general petraeus briefed congress, he also mentioned the video story. why were they saying it was terrorism? why he didn't say that? the man who testified in his place today got up hill and said i wasn't at the briefing, i don't know. i don't know who prepared the talking points. >> eric: even more disturbing that general petraeus on the very same day said he pushed the video. he said it was the video. first, can we make a point. we made it yesterday. again, the u.s. military is the most respected on the planet. it's one of the most well run organizations of any type on the planet. we're not -- talking about a few, what could be perceived as bad apples. allow me. petraeus said it was the video and they look at the video as a spontaneous, the benghazi
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killings as a spontaneous reaction. the department of defense leon panetta was saying it was terrorism. the very same -- >> bob: petraeus never said -- he didn't change his story. he never said it wasn't a terrorist attack. he did not. >> eric: said it was reaction to the movie. >> dana: this would be a fun experiment. if you found somebody living under a rock or on mars or listening to the news and said i want you to sift through the stories, see the conclusion. it's what is our government doing to protect the diplomatic personnel. we have a responseability to
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do that. >> greg: a journalist would be good at doing that. this is a blown opportunity for journalist to become the next -- >> bob: four days after it took place. >> dana: they are the ones who said -- what they should have done and they didn't is they created the problem. not us. >> bob: talk about the conflicting information. it says in here on the briefing, there was strong ties to al-qaeda. not been one shred of evidence. >> dana: there is. >> bob: no, by the name al-qaeda. >> eric: president obama said i said it was terrorism on september 19. he said it was terrorism. >> bob: what is the point? i said it was terrorism on the 11th. >> eric: the state
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department -- [over talk ] >> andrea: he did say it was terrorism why would cbs steve croft ask him why he didn't say it was terrorism on the first day. why tell the ladies of "the view" it's too soon to tell and univision it's not. jay carney said we never said it was terrorism. they did not say it was terrorism. yesterday at the press conference the president stood at the podium and said now that the eselection over we can get some answers. >> bob: they were prejudging it before the election to make political he hay out of it. >> dana: senator dianne feinstein of california, chairwoman of the intelligence committee wants to know why they weren't informed in a closed door session.
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about the investigation of f.b.i. in petraeus' personal life. >> greg: dianne feinstein, a right wing republican, right, bob? no no, no. she is a democrat. let me finish my point where you interrupted me when i said where the journalists. where are the journalbe lists? why isn't there a woodward or 2009 out of this? this is a big story. >> bob: it took them two years to get their facts out. you're asking this to be done -- >> dana: then the administration should have said we'll get the information as it comes along. the quote from the press secretary there is nothing to see here, guys. please stop asking the pesky questions. >> eric: do you remember what is happening as this happened? week before september 11 we
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reported that president obama did not show up to intel meetings. he wasn't attending the intel briefings. this happens the next day. four americans dead the next day. the reason we are getting conflicting stories now they have to hide that he did something -- >> bob: wherever the president of the united states goes, eric, wherever he goes or he is he gets the intelligence briefings. you don't have to be in the white house to get an intelligence briefing. every day the president where he is gets -- >> eric: all i'm saying, daa can speak to this, if you are in the room -- wherever, the oval office, if it's in oval office isn't there likely more information brought out? >> dana: it gives you a chance to ask questions. but every president has its own style. >> andrea: a lot of lefties are saying this is a private matter, the affair. they're saying don't pay attention to, which isn't a good thing. if someone landed from space to look at all of this, they
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are looking at the american military, one of the highest regarded organizations in the united states. they look at two decorated generals with two anthony weiners, and it's really sad. no one is going this really embarrassing for president obama. instead this is embarrassing for the military. >> bob: i assume in iraq they got phony information about weapons of mass destruction. >> andrea: we don't have enough time -- >> bob: no, they don't have enough time. not enough time before they went to war. >> dana: water finds a way. there were conflicting information on benghazi and we talked about that. greg is going to explain. next. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if you could combine
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♪ ♪ >> greg: responding to the benghazi mess, president obama said susan rice had the best intel available. [ laughter ]
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sorry. frayed frayeden. th -- freud freudian.sorry. this is an excuse you get from the kid that brock mommy's vase. only here it was american lives. obama knows, he doesn't know. who knows? certainly not us. mommy ain't buying it and getting impatient. despite the tough i go act at the lectern the affair makes as much sense as left-handed frying pan. obama said he called it terrorism the day after and rice says it wasn't. which leads back to who said blame the video? obama ran with the foreign policy from years of community organizing. in chicago we learn value of phony outrage.
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>> let me say specifically about susan rice. she has done exemplary work. she made an appearance at the request of the white house where she gave her best understanding of the intelligence provided to her. if senator mccain and graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. but for them to go after the u.n. ambassador, who had nothing to do with benghazi, and was simply making a presentation based on intelligence that she had received, bemichelle her reputation -- besmirch her reputation is outrageous. >> greg: what is going on here? and rage over criticism of benghazi sparks th spark -- exce rage of benghazi. it's kind of sexist.
2:18 pm
the juvenile bravado that scared the npr correspondent. outraged that he is picking on her. he doesn't think she can take care of herself. what he offered the same protection to male ambassador? see benghazi. is his anger legitimate? >> andrea: no. >> greg: no? >> andrea: let me think about that. no. he stood up there and said come after me. easy to say in a room full of reporters that he knows won't come after him. he said he's protecting the susan rice but it's okay to make hillary the human shield to take the fall for benghazi? >> dana: she turned that right around. >> andrea: all roads in this blame game shift back to the c.i.a. in the beginning. yesterday, charles krauthammer suggested that the federal government may have leverageed the affair that petraeus had to influence what he told congress. you have to wonder why even
2:19 pm
would point c.i.a. that originally got it right, it was a terrorist attack. why they changed the story about the video. >> bob: if it's a rumor or theory from the right about petraeus why say it? why does krauthammer say it? nothing to base it on. >> greg: you've done that. >> andrea: you do it all the time. >> bob: it's different when i d do it. >> greg: remember paid no taxes? remember that? >> bob: he did pay no taxes. he is exactly right. these people could not tell you two things about susan rice. they pick out one thing that you politicized. >> dana: not true. >> bob: she never once said it wasn't terrorism. read the statement. >> dana: senator mccain has known her for many years a known her work and legitimately raises questions about it, just as senator obama at the time raised questions about president obama's pick for u.n. ambassador john bolton. he vigorously opposed it. senator mccain has every right to do that as well.
2:20 pm
i do think it was -- i have been in that position as susan rice, i would have been buoyed by the fact that president obama defended me. loyalty goes both ways. i think they have a problem here. one of the reasons the story keeps at it is they are refusing to recognize that there are legitimate question questions. every day more facts are uncovered to make it look worse for them. >> eric: can i point something out? i don't like hillary clinton's politics or bill clinton's politics. but hillary clinton was a good secretary of state. >> andrea: why? >> eric: she was tough. >> andrea: on what? >> eric: she didn't back down and she had ideas, thought about things and she did it her way. my point, susan rice won't be hillary clinton. susan rice will be a mouthpiece for president obama and not the american people. >> bob: curious, check this out and see if mccain and graham had such problems did they vote for her for-up?
2:21 pm
my guess is they probably did. >> greg: the u.n. loves her. the u.n. hated bolton which is why bolton was great. when u.n. loves you, they like someone to roll over. >> eric: they may have voted for her but that was prior to her lying to five different news organizations. >> bob: how can you accuse her of lying? the intelligence committee itself said that it was the same intelligence that the intelligence committee got the day before she testified. >> eric: be specific. >> bob: i will. senior member of the intelligence committee released the following statement. >> eric: you are always talking about who are the sources? who are they? name them. give us names. the "new york times" saying we talk about president obama's? talk about the sources. who are they? >> bob: this is adam -- he got the national intelligence briefing. >> greg: i want to get to -- >> eric: the names aren't in that. no matter how many times you read that paper, you won't find it. >> greg: this like being at a bar with two guys arguing
2:22 pm
oaf their team. congressman clyburn had this to say about susan rice. senator? no a congressman. take it away. >> something about susan rice, i have a real, real problem with my senior senator trying to make her a scapegoat in this. i think it's a shame for this young lady whose roots are deep in south carolina soil to get this about my senior senator who i consider a good friend. >> let's talk about the motive here. why the hos silty to a young public servant? >> the young african-american woman i'll say. >> greg: all right. now we have race in the picture. i always think sometimes i'm happy to see the race card because it means it's proof we might get closer to the truth. >> andrea: i think everyone goes uggghh. i don't think the story line
2:23 pm
is going anywhere soon. it hurts real instances of racism. if you pull a race card and woman card all the time, it hurt whence there is discrimination. there are reasons to be upset with susan rice. benghazi is that reason. i agree with you, i don't know what hillary clinton did that was so great. i don't know what susan rice did that was so great to have her be promoted to the position if that is direction they're going. they took the middle east out of hillary's portfolio and they watered it down and gave her the congo. i have seen her doing the running man and congo. what has she done? >> bob: a lot of things. >> andrea: her tenure has been a joke. >> bob: a joke? it's not a joke. dana, last word. one word, though. >> dana: can i do two? rick grenel/a name. former u.n. spokesperson who was there eight years. he has a piece that he wrote today about the record of the u.n. over the last four years.
2:24 pm
it's to question whether this is a person that is based -- >> bob: it shouldn't based on race card. no one knows anything about this except for speech. give me reasons why he is shouldn't be secretary of state. despite the intelligence she was given. >> greg: we have to move on. dana is like a teacher. gives you homework. read this article. other stuff, gives you a book. coming up, mitt romney says the give-away to young people and minorities are a part of why they won. are you buying that? more importantly, are you buying that? that is the same thing. eric explains it next. don't go away. ♪ ♪ having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: okay. mitt romney, remember him? made news when he said this to a group of campaign donors. >> the president, the president's campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition. give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government. and then work very aggressively to turn them out to vote. >> giving away free stuff is a hard thing to compete with. >> eric: within hours governor bobby jindal took exception to mr. romney's comments. >> i think that is absolutely wrong. we have got to stop dividing the american voters. we need to go after 100% of the votes, not 53%. we need to go after every single vote. you to connect your policies to the aspirations of the american people. i don't think the cam pape did
2:30 pm
that. as a result, this became a contest between personalities and chicago loves that. >> eric: here is where i am. i'll throw it out there quickly. i think the republicans need to focus their attention. some people may be too far right and some may be close to the center for you. pick a lane, republicans. get behind someone and win an election. this infighting is no good for me. >> greg: i kind of disagree. this is called a hate fact. it's a fact that people hate. this is how obama won. however, you do have to go after every vote. but you have to play the game they do. that is what the argument is about. even loves santa claus on christmas morning but no one wants the credit card in january. until that bill is due, which will probably come in mandarin the cool guy will win. it was a contest between two personalities. the generous cool guy who doesn't have the bill and the stingy white stiff, that is
2:31 pm
mitt. that is what it was. >> andrea: huntsman speaks mandarin chinese. he could translate the bill. >> eric: you agree with romney at the end of the statement, right? am i getting that? >> bob: you agree with that, you are talking about every social security and medicare recipient, on the dole and freeloaders. >> greg: i'm talking about appealing to constituencies, young people, they are now on their parents' plan. that is what i'm talking about. >> bob: this is about policy and politics. that is part of what goes on. you appeal to the military. >> greg: we don't give them free things. >> bob: you don't give them free things? >> greg: we try to win them with values. >> eric: two guys -- district not wit -- >> greg: not with the iphone. >> andrea: i think romney hit the nail on the head, but i don't think he should have said it. i don't think romney should talk about why he lost. leave it to others to make comments like that. what he said is absolutely
2:32 pm
true. substitutstudent loans, amnesty. handing out goodies right and left. to be fair, republicans used it, too. republicans have given out goodies as well. to be fair, both parties do it, because they know it ones elections. >> eric: can i get dana here. it cringes. >> dana: i hadn't heard it. it only read it. when i heard it, why are you talking? why are you on the phone? you're supposed to be on vacation. leave. nobody wants to hear with you. you need to be the boyfriend that breaks up, and don't talk to us right now. bobby jindal we talk about a strong republican bench. they're going just as we started to get a foothold on ourselves you knock us down. shut up. >> bob: imagine being dana's first boyfriend. >> dana: i tell you what, i would be -- don't talk. go away. don't talk right now. serve dealing with it.
2:33 pm
let jindal take the stage. >> bob: i know you want me to go away, too, but i want to say susan rice was unanimous consent approved by the senate. not a single republican vote. >> dana: can't they change their mind? >> bob: they can change their mind. >> dana: based on performance? that is why clyburn is wrong. they voted for her and saw how she did on the job, not doing a good enough job. she is not going to get a promotion. >> andrea: another reason obama won, though, is because they used the storyline. if you don't vote for him, you are racist. so they are going to keep using it over and over. >> eric: we have to go. we did that block. the last block. coming up, it's not even thig in. but christmas decorations are going up. andrea wants to know what people think about it. >> andrea: and why? officially, when do you think the start of christmas should be? >> day after thanksgiving. >> i'm disappointed when there is all this christmas stuff out before thanksgiving. we're just rushing the holidays through. >> eric: believe it or not, bob puts his lights up in the
2:34 pm
summer. more on that when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serus allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away
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i'm chris wallace in washington. the big story here today, hearings on capitol hill about the libya terror attack. tonight on "special report," what we have learned about the three hearings that took place today. we'll report on what happened inside the two closed hearings. we have plenty of action from the one open session. much of the questioning broke along party lines. republicans attacking administration actions, while democrats defended them. some scary moments today around tel aviv. palestinians launch more than 200 rockets in to israel. as many as three of them may have landed near the country's commercial capital. three people are recorded dead and defense officials say
2:39 pm
israel is prepared to launch a ground invasion of the gaza strip if necessary. and talks between the president and congress over the fiscal cliff begin friday. we will look at the starting points and what is at stake. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have back to new york and five five. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back. let's see if we can get through this block without dana swearing. >> bob: clean your act up. really. >> dana: bob! >> andrea: it's not even thanksgiving. some people are already getting ready for christmas. can you believe it? i have seen the decorations and the music and it seems they t decoration go up earlier and earlier. is tom turkey getting gyped? i asked american what is they think. outside of fox news channel,
2:40 pm
week before thanksgiving. they are already putting christmas lights up. radio city even has their tree up. and i'm in rockefeller center, and they already have the tree up. so, officially when do you think the start of christmas should be? >> day after thanksgiving. >> i get disappointed when there is christmas stuff out before thanksgiving. it's like we're rushing the holidays through. >> i think decorating early is fine. >> it's a little early. >> i think tom turkey should have his day. >> i love it. >> i think we all need cheer right now. >> good for the economy. >> never too soon to celebrate the holidays. >> andrea: all right. maybe it's not too soon. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: so that was very fun. but i'm still sticking by this. i can't take the christmas lights a week before thanksgiving. it just disgusts me. i feel like you. >> greg: god. i pity you if you feel like me. christmas came early.
2:41 pm
remember, obama was elected. every day is christmas. we get free stuff. head to work -- i did that for you, bob. >> bob: gla i thought we weren't going to talk about politics anymore. >> greg: my book came out and perfect stocking stuffer if your stockings are shaped like books. >> bob: you have to stop playing christmas carols out of your apartment at night. >> greg: that is to drown out the screams. it only decorate one thing, the rotating capable above my bed. it's bill hemmer's capable. >> andrea: bob, you are notorious, people might not know for decorating the house at christmas time. you have 200,000 lights. >> bob: 185,000. >> andrea: you wait for the day after christmas. >> bob: i wait for day after thanksgiving. it tooks me two weeks. this year i have to do the i'll. with the help of hard workers. we're going to get them up in
2:42 pm
time. the problem is my neighbors can't stand it because people stop in front of the house. you see it from the space shuttle. >> eric: santa's little helpers. >> dana: glad the space shuttle has been grounded. >> bob: hardworking men and young ladies, too. i want to make the point. >> andrea: some stores are opening at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day that cuts in to family time. >> dana: i don't like it. some of the employees are complaining. i guess some employees probably like it because they get holiday pay, they might need the money and want to work. >> greg: you are a part-time help of at macy's. >> dana: secret. and i do all my shopping online anyway, because the crowds make me crazy. the christmas music, the lights don't bother me as much as the christmas music in the stores. over and over again and you have the songs in your head. then it's january 2 an they're still playing, i have had enough. >> bob: why does everybody line up to break in stores early morning? >> dana: to get greg's book. >> andrea: you said you don't care it starts early.
2:43 pm
>> eric: i'm for it. free market capitalism. >> dana: what about the employees who want to stay home? >> eric: they are getting paid. >> dana: what if they don't want to work? can't we have one day. >> greg: you're a socialist. can't we have one day where we don't buy stuff? what happened to you. >> dana: i might buy stuff online. >> greg: oh, i have a lapto laptop. i vote for bush. >> eric: you don't have to buy contraceptives because of obamacare. >> dana: how did we get there? >> andrea: what does birth control have to do with thanksgiving and christmas? >> bob: he brought it up. >> eric: can i point out, the kids really love this stuff. they enjoy it. >> bob: it's for the kids. the sign in front of my house these is for all the kids in my neighborhood, for big kid that lives here. >> greg: i do that on my van. >> bob: you wrote book, is that what you are saying? i haven't heard that. >> greg: i'm not going to say what it is. >> andrea: do you know santa
2:44 pm
for the kids out there, does not start taking letters until december 1. so keep that in mind. >> dana: they write letters? they don't even know how to write cursive anymore. >> bob: there is in fact a santa claus. in fact. i'm telling you. >> dana: from the beckelal ma knack. >> bob: it's true. so there. it's on twitter. he doesn't allow greg in north pole. even trying to sell his books >> he called me and said everybody has to behave and be good for their points because if they don't -- >> dana: greg will come after them. >> andrea: they will get greg's book. >> bob: i'm decorating your apartment when you're gone on the book tour. >> andrea: we come back and it's almost the end of the show. so you know what that is mean? it's bob's turn. we stay best for last. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> eric: okay. supposed to be bob's block and all day we tricked him. we told him we were going to talk about some video. greg was going to talk about it. but it's his birthday. our good friend bob beckel's
2:49 pm
birthday. happy birthday, my man. >> andrea: birthday, bob! >> dana: happy birthday. >> bob: i had no idea it was happening. >> dana: i'll take the blame for the bleep earlier in the show as a birthday president. >> greg: it was you who said it. it's not a swear word. it was racist. [ laughter ] >> bob: it wasn't racist. it was close. let me say something about birthdays now that i turned 40 year. 40 is hard. >> greg: dog years. >> andrea: blow them out. it's making me nervous. >> dana: nice! >> bob: whoa! >> andrea: make wish. >> bob: that there were no more republicans. >> greg: the cake just got hepatitis. >> dana: then your show would disappear. >> eric: turn on sprinklers in the studio. >> bob: let me say thank you very much. you probably know i'm slightly older at the people at the table, probably collectively. which is why i bring so much wisdom to the show. >> dana: yes. wisdom. >> bob: at my age, i'll still a liberal.
2:50 pm
had a lot to do with drinking and drugs and bad marriage. >> andrea: that will be a lesson, kids. >> bob: i don't celebrate birthdays. they're just another day. can we move on and talk about something else? >> dana: no. what was your favorite gift you got as a kid? >> andrea: what was her name? >> bob: amy oh. , no, man. >> andrea: so cute! >> bob: my favorite gift was a banner 50 gun as a matter of fact. >> dana: isn't that interesting. >> bob: my sister, brother and i. what was i doing there? >> dana: looks like you are eating a cake. chicken wing contest. >> greg: where were you? >> bob: i grew up in connecticut. i was born in new york city and moved tobrook and up to connecticut when my father lost his tenure at queens college because he advocated for china for the u.n. in 1952. not a good career move. >> andrea: repaired the relationship with the u.s. and chinese. >> bob: i come from a long
2:51 pm
line of liberals. i did tem you this is the reason i always vote democratic. tell you that? tell you again. my father took me to a voting booth, civics lesson. he said if you pull down the democratic level, all good things happen to you. women, cars, money, jobs. what if i full republican lever? "you're going to die." if i get near republican i can't do it. >> eric: what does a guy like you do on his birthday? >> greg: that is a modern commercial we saw in the presidential campaign. if you vote republican you'll die. >> andrea: what are you going to do for your birthday? >> bob: i'm having a small party. >> andrea: oh. >> bob: you're not invited. >> dana: last night, too, you didn't go to greg's book party? >> bob: no, last night was an alcoholics anonymous thing i was doing. friends of mine are coming to visit me. >> dana: great. >> andrea: that is also anonymous. >> eric: can you make a birthday wish you won't make the producers use the buzzer anymore? >> bob: see, i'll take the heat on this.
2:52 pm
i said something else and dana got the heat for it. >> eric: how about yesterday? >> bob: you said that. >> andrea: want to know what i got you for your birthday? paula broadwell is going to write your biography. >> bob: very nice. >> dana: i didn't realize she had a ghost writer. that made me mad. >> andrea: she had to focus on the real work, dana. >> eric: got to run six miles. >> bob: when he was in -- >> dana: maybe it will be revealed in the closed door testimony tomorrow. >> bob: you're going on a bus tour soon. >> greg: on a bus for a week-and-a-half. >> bob: one more thing is next. ♪ ♪
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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2:56 pm
>> dana: welcome back to "the five." time now for one more thing. greg? >> greg: before i get to my one more thing, real quick. people are asking me what did dana perino say. i'll say it. they bleeped me again because it that's horrible. i had my book q&a thing. everybody from "the five" came except for bob. it went well. but there was a crazy stalker there.
2:57 pm
who showed up babbling and kept asking me over and over and over again what about the dog in what about the dog? we finally took a picture of her. there she is. she was screaming. kept screaming the name of her dog. she had to be escorted out but not before signing -- she signed my book. at my book signing. she signed my book. can you believe that? >> dana: no. what is more unbelievable is that i was asked to sign your book. >> greg: eric was there. he didn't do it. >> dana: well, he didn't stay for the answer. >> greg: you left halfway through. you were bored. >> dana: a great event. i have signed six copies. eric? >> eric: i'm up. very quickly, richard trumka. look at what he had to say about the fiscal cliff today. he said there is no fiscal cliff. what we are facing is obstacle course in a manufacturered
2:58 pm
crisis that was hastily thrown together in response to inflated rhetoric about our federal deficit. >> dana: that reads like a greg gutfeld sentence. >> eric: let me show what a fiscal cliff really looks like. bush tax cut expire, $150 billion. payroll expire , $125 billion. tax patch, $88 billion. billion. $145 billion in other taxes. $514 billion of new taxes will hit you american families. by the way, every single year going forward. >> dana: what do you get for it? >> bob: $17 trillion in debt, right? who is next? >> andrea: so a lot of environmental tree-hugging freaks gripe about hydrofracking. we talk about this on "the five." a huge job creator but they say it's not safe. look what i found. a new hydro fracking fluid made entirely from food ingredients. they are using this on frac
2:59 pm
jobs to prove it's safe. i'm going to drink it. >> bob: don't do that. >> andrea: hmm. >> dana: let me know how it goes in the morning. >> andrea: it's thick but it's okay. >> greg: what is fracking? >> andrea: fracking fluid. >> bob: that is not fracking fluid. it's vodka. >> andrea: i wish. >> dana: it's viscuous. bob? >> bob: my friend denny from west virginia, fracking man. i said that and he said it's coming and it would be smart. >> andrea: very safe. >> bob: i'm not against it for the rest of you liberals. my one more thing, dan ab sent me a nice card for my birthda birthday. bob's birthday hiku. you are a wise man, the co-host and forever friends. it couldn't agree more on the forever friends. thank you all very much for everything you are going to send to say what a jerk i am.

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